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Ready to launch? Playoff can help you grow fast and fly higher and higher by engaging your customers to your product.

Capture and retain your users through Gamification dynamics. And then, improve customers loyalty! 

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Your team of developers don’t have the time to build a gamified system from scratch? With its easy integration tools, Playoff may be the ideal solution for you.


Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty and retention by applying game design to your marketing strategy.


Track user behaviours over time and reward their actions. Measure their progress with badges, achievements and leaderboards.

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Encourage innovation and efficiency inside your business!

Playoff can help you motivate your employees, monitor the goal of your sale forces and increase sales and productivity of all your products.

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Motivate your employees or your customers on a daily basis with challenges, rewards, team contests and live leaderboards.


Increase sales and productivity through a instrument that continuosly communicates objectives to sales force and optimizes pre-existing incentive system.

Raise awareness

Spread your products’ knowledge between your team and your customers and increase awareness through the elements of Gamification.

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Manage and boost your internal processes with game design.

Playoff can give you an edge in HR processes, such as candidates evaluation and employees engagement, and in training and e-learning courses.

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Increase your employees loyalty and knowledge retention within a gamified settings where every meaningful action is rewarded.


Bring out the real skills of your candidates, simplify and speed up the selection process, and increase their competitiveness to find the talents you need for your business.


By implementing Gamification in your training, you can create more engaging experiences for your trainees, increasing knowledge’s engagement and retention.

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