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The quickest way to learn the basics of Playoff is through our
free starting guide. We also have a series of videos that illustrates the different use cases of the platform.

In addiction we have an in-built tutorial to teach you how to create your first game (you need to create your account before! ).

You already know how to code? Great! Have a look at our comprehensive API documentation.

For questions about what and how you can build on the platform, see our FaQs.

free whitepaper and learn everything you need.

If you’re looking to jump right in, our getting start guide is great to quickly understand the basics of the platform and the logic behind building a gamified strategy.

If just want to know more about integrations, read our API and Event docs, or discover what we offer in terms of SDK. If you’re running into problems during integration, give a look to our manuals

If you are curious about our customer’s reviews,  we invite you to check them now!

On our blog, Gamification Corner, we talk about what gamification is and how it is implemented through different solutions.

In each article, we also present some case studies of successful instances where Gamification was used to improve a business.

Jump right in! Learn how Gamification can be used in an HR perspective, or to improve e-learning in the workplace. It can also have a positive effect on sales increment and in marketing solutions.

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Playoff can be easily integrated with almost any existing software or platform or mobile app, thanks to its REST API.

Every time a user on their system triggers an action, their product uses Playoff’s API to calculate rewards, update leaderboards, fetch updated profiles, etc.

Playoff has created a getting started manual to assist you in adding gamification to any system.

Thanks to its agnostic nature Playoff’s target audience is global.

Medium and large enterprises usePlayoff as strategic tool to introduce a engagement strategy in all their project, both for employees and customers.

The use case scenarios are primarily in the HR solutions that increase the employee engagement in companies ranging from a small to an enterprise level company, customer engagement with the loyalty programs on websites or app and in the field of employer training within insurance companies.

Playoff provides an ideal solution also for small companies  that need to introduce a gamification strategy into their systems (app, website, software) but don’t have the time to have their own team of developers or to build a gamification platform from the ground up.

Playoff  provides highly customizable answers to many business needs.
Just one rules engine for unlimited gamified projects across many lines of business. 

Read our customer’s reviews 

Playoff’s agnostic nature allows you to integrate with any system using APIs and gives you the big plus to create something that fit with your specific needs.
Playoff is plugins free 😉

In Playoff you can create the UI that you prefer and that can fit with your specific needs.

Playoff  is a back-end application and it provides an administrator’s interface to manage, edit and simulate gamified projects.

We don’ be afraid of changes.
All you need to do to change your gamified project is to launch it again.
Any updates to the components (actions. metrics, team, processes, leaderboards) you made will be reflected immediately within your projects.

The time that will be spent to integrate is almost entirely depending on the complexity of your business requirement.
The integration is done by using an SDK which handles the persistence of the session and allows your business actions to be tied to playoff’s actions.
The main advantage is that once the actions are “connected” to your business processes, you may always change the behavior of playoff’s actions without deploying or even writing new code.

If you have an existing software or process that you would like to add a layer of gamification to and you don’t have the time to have your own team of developers look into it, then Playoff provides an ideal solution.

Playoff allows you to construct your gamification experience tailored to your business process. Even a low tech person would be able to follow the process and the previews simulator made it possible to view your progress as you were building it.

Playoff believes that a gamified system can add value to any experience, whether the user is a business enterprise or a social media platform.
From leaderboards and badges to points and levels, gamified systems encourage user engagement and collaboration.
Most of the solutions provided by our competitors are focused on specific verticals. We’ve created a generic platform with which anybody can create any type of system for any vertical.