Increase  engagement,  learning ability and  interaction of your students or employees. 


Do you know what Gamification is?

Gamification is the use of elements (points, badges, awards and leaderboards, etc.) and mechanics tipycal of games, in context external to games.
In fact, the act of playing stimulates some primordial instincts of the human being, such as the need to affirm one’s social status, the search for real or virtual prizes, the gratification or the ambition to succeed.
The purpose of gamification is to stimolate participation, engagement and loyalty, by activating motivational levers such as recognition, emulation, security, sociability, intellectual stimulation.
The training courses, at any level, require consistency and desire to get involved. By implementing gamification in your training, whether online or corporate-update, you can create more engaging experiences, by leveraging on the competitive nature of your employees or students and increasing engagement and retention of knowledge.

The advantages of E-Learning Gamification:

Gamification is able to support all the learning phases of your employees or students, promotes and enhances the overall involvement and redemption, thus making the training experience unique and engaging. Applying gamification to training you will be able to: :
  • Stimulate informal learning, offering educational content in an innovative and fun way
  • Strengthen users engagement with feedback aimed at improving one's performance
  • Encourage your students' progress by leveraging on their motivation
  • Facilitate the learning process and the ability to remember even the newest concepts
  • Create a layered path with leaderboards generating a process of healthy competition and therefore a greater involvement
  • Promote the increase in interactivity, thanks to the reward mechanism that pushes users to achieve their goals
  • Increase the level of awareness on your own training path and the training objectives achieved

Playoff, our Gamification platform

Playoff is an innovative gamification platform is an innovative gamification platform that allows you to easily integrate game mechanics on something that already exists (website, app, community, company intranet, e-commerce, etc) in order to increase interaction and improve the final user experience.
For this reason it is considered by our customers as a strategic tool that allows to break down the technical barriers that often hinder the adoption of gamification by companies, thanks to its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Playoff takes care of all the “difficult” mechanisms such as scoring, tracking actions, the progress of players or teams and the creation of leaderboards in real time.

Playoff is a layer software that can be easily integrated with any other tool and product via SDK/API and doesn’t require specific coding knowledge.

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Our offer serving your gamification project:

License in Saas mode of the Playoff platform with small/medium/ large monthly fee, or in limitless On-premise version 

Technical support for Playoff’s integration via API / SDK to your software, website, app, company CRM, etc.


Consultancy in gamification project ’ s  definition and engagement model at the service of your business.
We will define with you the metrics, the actions to be measured and to be rewarded, which badges and points to give to make the experiences of your users (students or employees) unique and memorable.

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