Your Agnostic
Rules Engine

Playoff Gamification Platform lets you develop your engagement strategy without deploying a single line of code.

Define & Measure

Define what your goals are and what your users should do to progress through the game and get rewarded.
Measure their actions, their performances and their behaviours through a customizable set of rules.


The metrics are what you measure within a game. They are used to track player performance and behaviors.


Actions are the most basic way of capturing player behaviors; can be used to capture simple player events.


Rules are state conditions which, when fulfilled, affect the player in some way. 

Challenge & Reward

Challenge your players with contests and competition between teams, or place them on live leaderboards. Reward the best players to encourage all your users to do better and follow your objectives.


Processes allow game designer to structure the player journey.


Teams define a subset of players within your game and can be easily used to model teams within your organization.


Boards that you can use to drive competitive behaviors within a game. Playoff’s leaderboards come with a lot of features that take you to the next level.

Integrate & Design

Integrate Playoff in an already existing software easily, thanks to its agnostic nature.Design your game experience, fine-tune it to your needs and simulate it to perfection.

RESTful API to design, administrate and run your actions, with extender and comprehensive API Documentation Available

SDK available for the main programming languages (Java, Python, C#, etc.).

 Immense flexibility and power to design, simulate, and revise your engagement project over time

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