The recruitment has changed a lot in the latest years, however no traditional method has ever been abandoned. The use of social platforms (LinkedIn firstly) or portals for job hunting are examples of recruitment elements that have long supported the classic interviews or some phases of the selective process. According to the recent researches on trends in the HR sector in Italy, only 26% of companies knows the phenomenon of recruitment Gamification, but 65% considers it an usefuk tool to invest, especially considering that tomorrow they will belong to the millennials group. Gamification has the power to exalt human role, in fact it is a primary tool in HR sector.


The act of playing stimulates some primal human insticts, such as the need to affirm the own social status, the search for reward and gratification or the ambition for success. Gamification is able to support all the recruitment phases, it favors and improves the general involvement of the employees and simplifies the training-on-the-job. The application of these dynamics to work seems ideal for encouraging innovation and efficiency.



The reasons for recruitment Gamification’s growth and success are:

  • greater ease in the evaluation of real skills, that causes a more objective and reliable judgment of the candidates

  • reduction in operating costs thanks to the use of a first automated and carefully studied skimming, with savings in terms of time and costs

  • The possibility to attract more candidates in a shorter period of time, allowing a reduction of selection times

  • The growing of brand awareness especially if we speak about reserved entry-level (mostly millennials). It means the 75% of the global workforce in 2025.




What are you waiting for? Select your candidates with Gamification!