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Gamification for Change Management with Culcha CEO Katja Nettesheim

Today we’re glad to talk with Katja Nettesheim, CEO and founder of Culcha, the disruptive tool to upgrade company culture via leadership behaviour, about gamification and Change Management.

Thanks Katja for your time. You are the founder of Culcha: what is Culcha?

Culcha is a disruptive, digital and technological platform that drives cultural change in companies by changing leadership behavior and updating company culture. 

We provide users (managers, executives and employees) knowledge, tools and a digital personal trainer so they become agents of cultural change in their companies.
The individual training instrument can be integrated into the daily work routine. 

With Culcha, companies become more resilient and modern in ever-changing times.

What is the meaning of “Change Management” for Culcha??

Change management, for us, is making change fun because with Culcha, executives re-gain their superpowers while they effectuate the change. 

At Culcha, we not only provide them all the knowledge they need, we also give them impulses for the continuous implementation in their daily work, and we measure the progress.

By doing so we encourage them to take the first steps towards real change. Furthermore, we enable them to actively bring forward the process themselves.


What is the relationship between Gamification and Change Management and why it can improve the Changing process?

We believe that it’s only possible to make people change their behaviour by encouraging them to do it, continuously reminding them to do so and showing them their real progress. 

We provide great content, but we were missing a way to get users to stick to the app.
That’s why we use Playoff

  • to show users their progress during the program
  •   with points for actions, points for learning and badges for completing an area of knowledge. 

With that, we hope to motivate them to use the app more often, always looking to go further.

In a nutshell Playoff helps us to complement our product with a gamification aspect so we can provide users with a great experience that makes them addicted to the app.


When can Gamification be applied as a tool for Change Management?

Whenever you need to promote behaviour change after learning, we believe there are 3 key elements to this: 

  • great content
  • high engagement 
  •  a high-quality product. 

Without a doubt, our content is of great quality.
Our product is always being improved and the gamification is the final key to deliver and 
boost engagement and to make users stick to the platform.

Which are the rules for applying Gamification in the Change Management context?

The most important rule is to make sure the users are feeling challenged.
That’s why we display levels and charts that state their progress, so that we can make them want to always go beyond. 

We also want them to use the platform as a query tool, so they can check content whenever they want to and be prepared for the cultural change in their companies

That’s why we also give users points for using the app 5 days in a row – considering we don’t want them working 7 days per week 😊. 

It was a pleasure to have Katja as our guests. Her words  helped us  to understand how gamification can impact on change management in the companies. 

Are you looking for a Gamification Platform?

Still haven’t tried Playoff?

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