5 steps to choose a Gamification platform for your business

Gamification is being used more and more by those companies that wish to improve different aspects of their production processes, from HR and personnel selection, to sales, to customers and employees loyalty program.

However, it may not be easy to implement a Gamification strategy inside pre-existing business processes, and many companies may not have time to develop a gamified platform from scratch or don’t exactly know how to choose a ready-to-use product.

We at Playoff have some tips for you.

Discover in 5 steps how to solve your problem and choose the right Gamification platform for you.

#1 – Ease of integration

A Gamification platform must be easily integrable in any pre-existing system or application.

The ability to easily implement an gamification strategy can be fundamental for a company that wants to extend or innovate its engagement strategy, but does not have the time or resources to develop a platform from scratch.

Playoff is a powerful rules engine that can easily be implemented through 
SDKs and 
in any existing system as a Gamification layer. Our platform, thanks to its RESTful nature, it can be easily integrated to build, administer and apply an effective engagement strategy.

#2 – Versatility

A Gamification platform must be versatile and adaptable to any use case and to any strategy.

Gamification can be effectively applied in a large number of business contexts, to improve user engagement in personnel selection, marketing, sales and learning and e-learning processes, including in the workplace.

An agnostic system of rules is the best choice in terms of versatility. Since it is not a vertical platform, Playoff can be extended to a wide variety of uses, offering great versatility and adaptability over time. It can help you to boost engagement in every internal processes , B2B and B2C.

#3 – Basic elements

A Gamification platform allows the application of typical game mechanics in non-playful contexts.

The elements that make up a Gamification strategy and which must be settable on a platform are the following:

Playoff dashboard allows you to set, modify and control over time all those elements that are essential for a Gamification project. Furthermore, it allows you to build and simulate an infinite number of games.

#4 – How a Gamification platform should act

A Gamification platform must give the possibility to track the actions of its users and to reward the goals achieved. By rewarding those actions that have a meaning for your company, you can encourage those behaviors that allow you to achieve your strategic goals and business KPIs.

We developed our platform to allow you to track and reward actions wherever they happen thanks to a complete and customizable dashboard.
Set metrics, actions to be rewarded, rules, rankings and challenges on Playoffs and create a versatile strategy that can be monitored in real time.

#5 – Costs and benefits

Developing an independent Gamification platform can be a considerable waste of time and resources. Adopting an already built platform, so that it overlaps with existing software, can make companies save money and time.
A platform must be easily and quickly integrated so as to lower the costs of adopting the Gamification project.

Playoff is a ready-to-use rules engine and, in the cases in which it has been applied, we have seen that it has allowed those who have adopted it to reduce costs and their time to market.

Integrating an engagement  strategy into your business has never been easier thanks to our platform.

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