How to improve employees driving style and cut fuel costs with Gamification

Keeping high standard on employees driving style, mitigate costs of usury of parts and save money on fuel consumption. 
These are some bets that corporates with a fleet must manage; to win these bets a change in driving style of employees is required.

Among the different “techniques” to favour the change, the Gamification couldn’t miss. Thanks to the use of points, leader-boards and rewards, gamification can modify drivers’ behaviours, enforcing and awarding those about saving money and safety. Let’s see how in this article.


Thousand boxes transit around the world every day, thanks to travelling van fleet, to guarantee us fast and on time deliveries. The introduction of GPS totally renewed delivery system, and today almost every object has gps tool that allows to central office to coordinate and check in real time the travel development.

DHL, the famous delivery service company, focused on gamification to ensure that fleet monitoring would not feel by couriers as a pure control system.

Thanks to an App linked to a managing system installed in each vehicle, the company steadily monitors couriers’ movements, analysing and memorizing their speed, the paths and the amount of brakes.

By using the app, employees can vision their performances (fixed in a progress bar) and they are pushed to improve their driving style, to respect the limits and avoid sharp brakes.

Thanks to gamification the corporate was able to:

– Stimulate a more aware drive;
– Monitor couriers’ movements;
– Decrease incidents caused due to its vehicles; 
– Cut fuel costs;
– Decrease co2 emissions;
– Break down vans’ maintenance costs; 
– Increase employees engagement.

On the same page there is also the young American corporates Azuga, that introduced gamification on its business in order to monitor driving styles of its conducers, and above all make funny, stimulating and honoured the driving experience.

The company, thanks to the new gamified software that analyses and corrects driving styles, guarantees a saving of 8% on fuel and a less dropout rate.

Every employee can vision its own track and those of the colleagues, through a clear and detailed dashboard that evidences both achievements and long-term goals, gained by keeping a correct behaviour while driving. A workable system from economic and business welfare point of view.

In both cases gamification push employees to improve their driving style.
Progress barcharts and credits; these keys elements are a real stimulus to a safe driving style and get a better score, higher from colleagues’ one, and contribute to reach business goals.

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