HR Gamification: how to help employee’s engagement and productivity

Posted by Redazione on 05-Feb-2019 11:00:00

Human resources area always plays a fundamental role in business growth: in last few years, it has been living a progressive change and digitalization, winking the eye to millennials language.

The number of foreign and Italian companies that are joining gamification as new instrument to improve working performances and business welfare, it is always getting bigger.

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Topics: gamification, hr, human resouces, productivity

Playoff's Blog: the limitless Gamification Platform

"Track & Reward Actions wherever they happen"  is the claim of Playoff, our gamification Platform. It allows corporates to implement gamification dynamics and mechanics into projects in a simple and insightful way, also breaking technical barriers.

Playoff works as a rules engine that takes care of all “difficult” mechanisms, like score assigning, actions tracking, players or teams  progresses and leaderboards real-time creation.

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