Platform for Software Reviews Distinguishes Playoff with 2 Gamification Software Certificates

Posted by Redazione on 02-Jan-2019 10:07:00

Playoff Prizes V3 The year 2018 couldn’t end any better for Playoff. FinancesOnline, one of the most respected review platforms for business software solutions, recently conducted an in-depth analysis of our gamification software. We’re pleased to announce that their findings were highly positive, with Playoff being distinguished with the esteemed "Great User Experience" and "Rising Star" awards for 2018.

After the FinancesOnline experts dissected all Playoff features, they found our solution “very ideal” for businesses that are looking to build and configure their very own gamification specifications with ease. Because users have complete control over their gamification rules and conditions for various applications and processes, they are able to make essential changes to drive engagement for both employees and customers, stated FinancesOnline.

Playoff’s ease of use is one of the reasons why we received FinancesOnline’s "Great User Experience" award for 2018. This award is given to software solutions that provide a consistent, quality user experience. Moreover, the award recognizes Playoff as one of the top recommended gamification software alternatives for businesses that are hoping to avoid any headaches in gamifying projects while simulating them intuitively.

In addition to a thorough review, Playoff was also compared against top-ranking competitors in the industry. Placing in FinancesOnline’s best gamification software banner, our platform was distinguished as a "Rising Star" for 2018 due to its tremendous growth in popularity and great customer traction despite being a newcomer in the SaaS market. Moreover, we garnered a whopping 98% user satisfaction rating based on the customer research conducted by FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline also discussed more important points in their analysis, such as the benefits provided by Playoff and the various types of problems that it can solve. You can read the full analysis and leave a user review yourself by heading over to FinancesOnline, and we thank you for your continued support.

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"Track & Reward Actions wherever they happen"  is the claim of Playoff, our gamification Platform. It allows corporates to implement gamification dynamics and mechanics into projects in a simple and insightful way, also breaking technical barriers.

Playoff works as a rules engine that takes care of all “difficult” mechanisms, like score assigning, actions tracking, players or teams  progresses and leaderboards real-time creation.

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