Tourism & Gamification: How to attract tourists, entertain them and ensure they come back

Posted by Angela Da Cortà on 08-Mar-2019 11:00:00

The dissemination of game mechanics in non-gaming settings has also affected the tourism sector and its digital side in recent years. Gamification, once again, enters in the strategic process of digital creation with full rights, as capable to unify experience and engagement objectives, strengthening the results of marketing and tourism promotional campaigns.

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Topics: gamification, territorial marketing, tourism

How to improve employees driving style and cut fuel costs with Gamification

Posted by Angela Da Cortà on 26-Feb-2019 11:00:00

Keeping high standard on employees driving style, mitigate costs of usury of parts and save money on fuel consumption
These are some bets that corporates with a fleet must manage; to win these bets a change in driving style of employees is required.

Among the different “techniques” to favour the change, the Gamification couldn’t miss. Thanks to the use of points, leader-boards and rewards, gamification can modify drivers’ behaviours, enforcing and awarding those about saving money and safety. Let’s see how in this article.

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Topics: gamification, delivery

Personnel selection 4.0: Recruitment Gamification

Posted by Angela Da Cortà on 12-Feb-2019 11:00:00

To evaluate the potential of candidates, that goes beyond what is normally written on CVs, personnel selection managers are always looking for new approaches that allow to innovate the recruitment process. Many companies had to face, in these years, the challenges imposed by digital innovation and transformation, as the changes have also affected the HR sector, which has started to deal with new selection methods, such as recruitment Gamification.

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Topics: gamification, hr, recruitment

HR Gamification: how to help employee’s engagement and productivity

Posted by Redazione on 05-Feb-2019 11:00:00

Human resources area always plays a fundamental role in business growth: in last few years, it has been living a progressive change and digitalization, winking the eye to millennials language.

The number of foreign and Italian companies that are joining gamification as new instrument to improve working performances and business welfare, it is always getting bigger.

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Topics: gamification, hr, human resouces, productivity

Intercepting customers' needs and desires: the dynamics of corporates Gamification

Posted by Redazione on 30-Jan-2019 11:00:00

More than 2.5 billion videogame players worldwide
(The European Mobile Game Market, 2016)

People love playing and joining contests, above all when it is possible get discounts or awards. Why? What are desires and needs that people want to satisfy when they play? What are the leverages for pressure customers or employees to do certain actions?

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Topics: gamification, customers, retention

Gamification for financial services: the new frontier with millennials

Posted by Redazione on 14-Jan-2019 10:08:00

 Though mobile shopping habits are on the rise, there’s certainly a method to the madness, as global consumers are also using digital tools to monitor their spending and manage their finances.

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Topics: gamification, financial services

How green Gamification can save the planet (and utilities)

Posted by Redazione on 10-Jan-2019 17:18:00
The use of Gamification can help to effectively change consumer behaviour and reduce the use of energy.
- States General Energy Efficiency Report, 2017 ENEA

In the utilities sector, the Gamification is one of the most appreciated techniques to improve customers loyalty, raise
their awareness and motivate them to adopt “green” behaviours in both domestic and business context.

In fact, Gamification aim to contribute to change users’ habits through the building of motivational leverages, suitable to define a digital involvement model: it tries to stimulate to do and repeat strategic and ethic actions, such as energy saving and environmental sustainability.

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Topics: gamification, meccaniche, dinamiche

Platform for Software Reviews Distinguishes Playoff with 2 Gamification Software Certificates

Posted by Redazione on 02-Jan-2019 10:07:00

 The year 2018 couldn’t end any better for Playoff. FinancesOnline, one of the most respected review platforms for business software solutions, recently conducted an in-depth analysis of our gamification software. We’re pleased to announce that their findings were highly positive, with Playoff being distinguished with the esteemed "Great User Experience" and "Rising Star" awards for 2018.

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Topics: gamification, financesonline, review

How to improve customers loyalty with Gamification

Posted by Redazione on 23-Nov-2018 09:42:30

The customer experience will increasingly become a determining factor for brand evaluation, and will go beyond the price and product value. It is difficult to be seen and create engagement with your target (maintaining it over time) in this age of strong digitization and spurs.

A challenge that combines many companies, is certainly the difficulty of maintain their target within their websites or apps. The dropout rate of an application or of any web service is always higher, also because of the large quantity of competitors and services that are very similar with each other.

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Topics: gamification, customers, loyalty

E-Learning Gamification: improving commitment and learning in training courses

Posted by Redazione on 14-Nov-2018 09:51:05

In teaching and training fields, the students’ motivation is undoubtedly the main component capable of decreeing, or not, the success of the training path.
It is for this reason that Gamification finds its natural application in e-learning.

An old Japanese proverb said: "None can find the best way to do something without starting to willing it."
The goal of Gamification is this: motivate people in doing their actions.

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Topics: gamification, e-learning, training

Playoff's Blog: the limitless Gamification Platform

"Track & Reward Actions wherever they happen"  is the claim of Playoff, our gamification Platform. It allows corporates to implement gamification dynamics and mechanics into projects in a simple and insightful way, also breaking technical barriers.

Playoff works as a rules engine that takes care of all “difficult” mechanisms, like score assigning, actions tracking, players or teams  progresses and leaderboards real-time creation.

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