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Playoff Gamification Platform lets you develop your engagement strategy without deploying a single line of code.
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What is it?

Playoff Gamification Platform helps you to easily introduce competitions, rewards, progress bars, incentives and leaderboards in all the projects in which you need to engage and motivate your users.



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You're in good company

We boosted engagement both in B2C and internal processes. I really appreciated its agnostic nature.

M. Pillitu, IT Architect, Generali Insurance

Complete, powerful and effective. Perfect for Gamifying Enterprise Intranet.

G. Celentano, Technical Manager, Teorema IT Company

Flexible and Handy. Playoff allows you to design and manage deep gamification techniques.

A. Aktari, Gamification Consultant

Define your business metrics

You start by defining what your company wants to reach. Every business goal is related with an user's action.

The action could be anything: from writing a product review on a website to closing a deal in your sales Dpt.

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Choose actions to reward

By tracking and rewarding with positive reinforcements behaviors that fit into your engagement strategy, you will be able to achieve your company’s objectives.

Using Playoff helps by encouraging users’ actions that are important to you.

All you need are... actions.

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Integrate with your software

Playoff is a powerful rules engine that can be easily integrated via SDK and API into every existing system as a gamification layer. It takes care of all the hard stuff like tracking scores, team structures, player progress and maintaining real-time leaderboards. By integrating the Playoff SDK with your software you will be able to easily bind every event on your product with a corresponding Playoff action.

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Here's why Playoff is most
appreciated by our loving customers

No need to
focus on details.

Thanks to its agnostic nature Playoff allows you to seamlessly integrate with virtually any use case.

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REST, and don't worry.

Easy integration using APIs/SDK to design, administrate and run your actions.

Changing horses in
It's fine

Immense flexibility and power to set, simulate,
and revise your engagement project over time.

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